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Early Earners | EarlyEarners.com > Early Earners Blog > News and Updates > A Different Idea for the Holiday Season
Posted in: Early Earners Blog News and Updates | on: December 16, 2012 | by: Early Earners

By now we are sure you are frantically shopping for the latest item on your kids' holiday list. Or hopefully not! We would like to remind you that there are ways to teach your children that this season is not all about them, and is also a way to think about their future. Perhaps instead of that one present, you give a donation to a charity whose mission your child can understand. Or you put some money in a savings account or buy some stocks or mutual fund. You can make that present tangible by using one of our calculators and presenting on a decorated piece of paper, wrapped, how much the money will grow in 10+ years.

We can bet that most of the things your child receives this year will be forgotten about next year, but we can pretty much guarantee that a charity donation or a contribution to your child's college savings, regular savings, or investment account will last much longer. And they will be watching you set an example – the most influential act of all.