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About Us

We founded Early Earners because we were really amazed by how many of us lack the basic understanding of how to manage money to secure a great life for ourselves. We always thought money was an easy to grasp concept since we were exposed to it as kids on a constant basis and ended up gearing our studies towards it. But we realized that many people do not receive this education at home or at school and enter the real world without knowing how to navigate it money wise. As we can all now see, that strategy hasn't been working well.

We believe that good money habits are taught at home because you deal with money on a daily basis from a very early age. And one or two classes at school will not single-handedly give you or your kids the tools you need to make smart financial decisions – those lessons will be forgotten soon after if they are not constantly implemented. Ask your kids if they know that if they save only a $1 a day for the next 20 years, they could have more than $10,000!

We also did some research and found that

  • Most adults have learned the most about personal finance from their parents; 56% of teens attribute their knowledge of money management to their parents.
  • BUT only 26% of parents feel equipped to teach their kids about basic personal finances.
  • Only 28% of teens feel prepared to make sound financial decisions about managing debt and less than half feel confident about savings and investing decisions.
  • Most parents felt better prepared to give their teens advice on the "birds and the bees" than on investing!

So we decided we needed to do something

Early Earners is a friendly destination for you to learn the simple financial principals that will enable you to teach your kids how to learn about money. It is a place for you to learn, participate, and most importantly, act. We teach with action-oriented recommendations of steps you should do by age group. We provide our “seal of approval” to financial products we think are a good fit with the behavior we promote. We admit we may earn revenue on some of the products because we need to make money somehow, but we always disclose on which ones we do.

We choose our products based on 3 principles we believe in:

  • Make them easy to understand – You are not a hedge fund manager (neither are we), and you shouldn’t have to be to figure this out.
  • Make it easy to set them up – You should always be able to follow the path of least resistance to get to your goal
  • Provide good value – By saving costs on things like face-to-face communication (i.e. an actual physical bank location) you can get sildenafil pris really great interest rates and offers.

About the Founders

The founders of Early Earners, Inc., Ami Desai and Keren Perry-Shamir, met at Columbia Business School. Ami has a background in finance and social entrepreneurship and Keren has established her career in online media and marketing. They both reside in New York City and are in the process of establishing their families, Ami is married and Keren has two boys.

We look forward to hearing from you, on our community pages or email us at info@earlyearners.com