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Learn By Age

At Early Earners, we hope your family is with us from your child's birth until he or she goes off to college. The Early Earners method breaks down lessons by age group. Please click on your child's age group to get started but keep in mind that you may have to refer back to earlier age groups for certain lessons. We add lessons as children get older but we welcome you to join us at any point. Even though we believe it is never too early to start, it is never too late either. Here is a summary of the Early Earners path:

Ages 0-5: Open and contribute in small amounts on a regular basis in an interest-bearing savings account for your new child using Automatic Transfers. Open a 529 saving plan for college.

Ages 6-9: Now use this savings account to save with your child using goals and matching programs to show him or her, in real time, the power of compound interest. If you have just joined us, open a savings account and contribute to it with your child. Open or continue contibuting to a 529 saving plan for college.

Ages 10-13: At this point your child should have a good amount saved up so open up a Certificate of Deposit account to take advantage of higher interest rates for a portion of that savings. Household budgeting should be introduced to understand how money comes in and goes out. Continue saving with your child in the savings account as well as contributing to the 529 plan.

Ages 14-18: Open a checking account to implement budgeting concepts. Open a dollar-cost averaging investment account to introduce the investing in small amounts on a regular basis, just like savings. For Yourself: A section just for you. We cover topics such as retirement, budgeting, and borrowing for your financial life.